A Social Media Star's Guide to Meeting, Dating and DMing
Krystle Lina,
Model, Personality & Author
"If you want to date a model, you may as well learn how from one, right? If you allow yourself to learn from me and whats worked with me, your dating and social life will change forever!"
Why Settle? Take Control Of Your Dating Life NOW!
This is not your typical vanilla, I want to find my soulmate kind of dating advice book.

Dating For Naked People is packed with exclusive photos of me and over nine chapters for guys who want to date the most beautiful women in the world. Strategies that have actually worked on some of my hottest friends who also happen to be social media stars and celebrities. I've asked them all to tell me what normal guys have done to successfully get their attention.

Plus you'll learn dating secrets directly from a famous model and social media star with over 1.6 million followers. Why learn from anyone else?

My book is loaded with everything you need to know about dating "in demand" women from making that first DM all the way to making the first move. Here's what you'll discover...
  • Win the Game BEFORE You Begin: Learn what beautiful women expect to see in a guy before they even think of letting him take them on a date. (Are you shooting yourself in the foot BEFORE the game begins?)
  •  How To Talk To Models: Hot girls are different. You've got to know how to talk to them and make yourself stand out from all the other average dudes blabbering how beautiful they are to increase your chances. 
  • Direct Message (DM) Secrets: Yes, you can message Instagram models and actually get a date. But there is a trick to it. I'll show you how. (You definitely don't want to send the same DM every other average dude sends. You get ignored INSTANTLY)
  •  Style Strategy: Let's face it. Gorgeous women care about how they look. They care even more how you look. Learn what my friends and I want to see you wearing to lower our defenses. 
  •  Best First Date Strategy: Hot models get asked out by celebrities and millionaires all the time. How can you compete? By taking us on a kick ass first date. (PLEASE stop asking us to go to the boring movies!)
  •  Making The First Move: You didn't think I would get you all the way to this point then not tell you how to finish the job, right? Believe it or not, there are a few things we wish you would do that would make it so easy to get that first kiss. But you don't do them! I will tell you what to do here...
  •  SPECIAL SALE PRICE: The price of the book is normally going to be $39.00 but while I'm having my special summer sale, you can get your copy at a HUGE discount  (You'll save big bucks by getting it now. Which means you can buy more beer :)
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